The True Measure of Success is Success

Just A Few Business & Real Estate Jury Verdicts

  • $13.9M Damage Award
  • $9.4M Business Defamation
  • $2.8M Fraud/Contract Breach

Just A Few Injury Jury Verdicts

  • $4.0M Rape/Sex Abuse
  • $3.5M Personal Injury
  • $1.4M Car Accident

You Need the Right Law Firm to
Get the Justice You Deserve

At Mager Parúas, our team of experienced litigators have one goal – to get you the justice you deserve. We’ve earned the respect of insurance companies, judges, and other law firms through our success; now let us earn your trust.

Scott A. Mager is the Founding Partner of the Firm. Trademark suspenders can’t hold up all the trials he has won. Heralded as one of the brightest and most accomplished lawyers, he is the “go to” guy that lawyers and law firms hire when it really matters. That’s saying something significant when top lawyers and law firms look to hire him to handle their personal and professional matters. Big cases require big time lawyers. From “bet the company” cases and other big trials when winning with class matters, Scott has a passion for the art of trial advocacy and corporate representation that is almost as animated as his inspirational speaking engagements.

Brian A. Parúas focuses on Personal Injury, Sexual Abuse, Crime Victims, Wrongful Death and other Tort claims. A Former Federal Agent for the Department of Justice, along with being the former Senate Aide to the President of the Senate, he brings an arsenal of intelligent weaponry to help his clients. He brings a dedication to our community and country that cannot be questioned.

In business disputes, we are relentless in pursuing your best interests, whether they are monetary or reputational, when you hire us, you’ll be protected. Our decades of business litigation experience ensures Mager Parúas will give you the best legal advice, negotiation support, and contact development. Whether you need the best lawyers for the biggest cases, or you need an expert negotiator to secure the best of that big business deal, we have successfully served the needs of so many with decades of extensive experience.

After an accident, you need the right attorney as your ally to guide, protect, and fight for you. The team at Mager Parúas will stand up for you against the insurance company. We are determined to get you compensated for your pain and suffering, and most importantly, help you put your life back together. Our clients become our family as we help them through such troubling times. We are here to help our clients with whatever they need so that they can focus solely on their recovery.


Attention Attorneys:

Partner with us at Trial
When Losing is Not an Option

In South Florida, Mager Parúas has an impeccable reputation for trial work. As a result, we are commonly brought in as a “hired gun” for the most demanding of trials where the stakes are the highest. We partner with you when losing is not an option and the client remains yours…you just win.

In addition to the partnership on trials, another major part of our practice is working with out-of-state firms as local counsel. As members of all relevant federal and state courts, Mager Parúas possesses the right sophistication to best assist out-of-state clients and lawyers that bring tangible results. We help out-of-state law firms that need real talent for Florida Federal or State litigation, or for Florida lawyers that aren’t accustomed to practicing in Federal Court or who just need a great trial attorney to help maximize the potential of their case.

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