Mager Parúas Vindicates Chef and Restaurant from Wrongful Lawsuit

Mager Parúas Vindicates Chef and Restaurant and Wrongful Attempts by Former Employee to Manufacture Wage Claim Lawsuit and Fabricated Class Action.

In a case brought by one of the most successful plaintiffs’ employment lawyers, Mager successfully defended the Chef and his restaurant, despite where it appeared that all odds were against him.

Celebrity Chef Giovanni Rocchio was wrongfully sued by a former server, who made outrageous and defamatory claims against him and his restaurant Valentino. She successfully convinced the lawyers at Amlong & Amlong, one of the most successful plaintiff’s employment and labor law firm of her story, and they sued the Defendant. Complicating the situation, there were allegations that this former server actually stole or otherwise removed thousands of pages of employment documents from the restaurant/company premises. She alleged federal and state violations of the wage claim law, focusing on claims that the tip pool was invalid.

Obviously, press like this is never good, and the appearance of impropriety on behalf of the Celebrity Chef and his famous restaurant spread throughout the industry – despite that he/they vigorously protested their innocence. After first having another law firm in the case, Chef Rocchio and Valentino did not feel they were being adequately represented, and requested Attorney Scott Mager enter the case.

Even though trial was already set for just months away, and inadequate attempts to prepare the case had yet to be performed, and the Chef and Restaurant were facing claims from one of the most notorious labor law wage claim law firms, Mager still valiantly entered the case. “I truly felt that they were being wrongfully accused, and that just wasn’t right,” said Mager. “I was going to help them in any way I could, no matter what the odds.” Despite having to overcome a number of hurdles created long before the law firm’s retention, Mager and his vindicated the rights of the clients. “The guy is a genius, and he saved our company,” said the client. “The way he presented the case to the jury, and how he handled the witnesses and humanized our wait staff to the jury, was amazing. And I have never seen a closing as eloquent as that!”

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