Size Makes a Difference

And sometimes the bigger you are or the smaller you are works against you. So if you were a giant six foot eight man or, or a woman inside of a vehicle and you’re in a smaller type car, let’s say like a Toyota Camry, they’re spacious, but not usually for someone who’s six foot eight case in point. I had an exact case like this with the client who was very large. When he was impacted by the garbage truck, who slid into the front of his vehicle, backed into him. He couldn’t get out of his vehicle, jaws of life to get him out. So the car was compressed onto his legs, onto his person, and sustained even more injuries. Although, the car did take the brunt of the impact, because of his size, he ended up suffering more than somebody who may have been smaller. Now, let’s look at the other coin, a smaller person. A smaller person is very thin, sometimes doesn’t fit as well inside the car, there’s a lot of movement. So they get whacked inside the car even worse, because they get T-boned, their head smacks against the side window, their body impacts the interior of the vehicle. They get even more injured. So just, it just depends on the situation and the type of person you’re dealing with.

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