Keep a Journal – Win Your Case!

I actually tell all of our clients to basically keep a journal throughout the time that they’re healing, getting better and document, you know, important things, how your life, how your life has changed. You know, can you, you know, simple things like walking your dog. You know, I had a client who had, had these show dogs that she loved and took them all over the country and she would walk them and bathe them and clip their nails, all the stuff that show dog people do. She couldn’t do that anymore. She had to hire a company to come and help her with the dogs, but these dogs were her life. So that was a huge thing for her. It’s therapeutic. It was a hobby and I think actually became more than a hobby because they were champion dogs. So she won championships. So things like that, it totally impacted her life. It was just a, it was just a knee surgery.

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