We help you restore your home and business

When you’ve suffered damage to your home, business or even automobile, everyone gives you the runaround. Insurance companies drag their feet and no one is willing to pay you your fair settlement. You need someone on your side to fight as hard for your money as the insurance companies fight to keep it. We’ll take your case all the way to court if we need to. Whatever it takes to make your whole again.

South Florida is a frequent target of hurricanes and other intense weather events. If you experience damage from a storm, electrical problems or even a dog bite, we can help you get the fair settlement you deserve to rebuild or cover medical expenses.

  • Hurricane Claims

    Hurricanes are a fact of life in South Florida. When the storm is over and debris is cleared, you’re left with a new fight - your insurance company. Insurance companies will try to pay you the smallest amount possible. At Mager Parúas, we fight for your rights to a just and fair claim settlement. We’ll help you get your home back in shape.

  • Windstorm Claims

    Windstorm events can happen all year round They do tremendous damage. If you’ve experienced windstorm damage and have not received adequate compensation, we can help. Mager and Parúas is here to help you get the compensation you need to properly repair your home. We’ll pursue your case with your insurance company to make sure it is settled to your satisfaction.

  • Hail Damage Claims

    Hail is tremendously destructive. It can cause severe damage to your home and car. Your Mager Parúas team has deep experience settling hail storm damage claims with insurance companies. If you are not getting the compensation you deserve, call on us.

  • Flood Claims

    Flooding damage can occur in your home from various sources including leaking pipes, roofs and storm damage. It’s expensive to repair and must be done quickly to avoid mold growth. IF you’ve experienced flood damage, partner with Mager Parúas to get a fair settlement.

  • Sinkhole Claims

    Here in Florida, sinkholes may be caused by everyday activities including construction, groundwater pumping, and land development. If you’ve suffered damage from a sinkhole, you are entitled to fair compensation through your homeowner’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, most insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible. If you are not getting an adequate settlement from your insurance carrier to make repairs to your home or business, contact Mager Parúas. We'll fight to get you the settlement you deserve.

  • Fire / Wildfire Claims

    A fire can quickly destroy your home and possessions. If your home survives the fire, you’ll contend with compounded damage from the fire, smoke and even the water used to put it out. If you’re not getting a fair and adequate offer from your insurance company, we can help. The Mager Parúas team has extensive experience pursuing insurance claims for fire damage.

  • Condominium Property Insurance Claims

    If you’ve suffered damage through no fault of your own in your condominium, who pays? It’s a confusing area. Let us help you sort through the complex law in this area and pursue a claim through your HOA or other responsible party’s insurance companies.

  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims

    If your insurance carrier is denying or unreasonably your payments on your claim without legitimate cause, they are acting in what is called "bad faith". If you are a victim of this practice, you can file a lawsuit against your insurance company to get the settlement you are due. Let your Mager Parúas team help you get the fair compensation you deserve.

  • Frozen Pipe Claims

    Frozen pipes in your home or business can cause compound damage. First, when the pipe bursts from the expanding frozen water requiring substantial plumbing repairs. Second, when the pipe thaws, flooding can occur. If you’ve suffered frozen pipe damage and are not getting satisfaction from your insurance company, call Mager Parúas. We’ll pursue your claim with your insurance company and get you a fair settlement.

  • Government & Municipality Insurance Claims

    Your city should be answerable you. It's their responsibility to provide basic services like water, trash collection and more. Even after a disaster such as a hurricane, they are still supposed to make sure these essential services are available or restored quickly. At Mager Parúas, we have long experience holding your municipal government accountable and when they don’t deliver, you may be entitled to compensation.

  • Restaurant Insurance Claims

    If you’ve been injured in a restaurant, you are entitled to compensation. Call Mager and Parúas for help pursuing a claim against the restaurant and getting you the settlement you deserve.

  • Residential Property Insurance Claims

    Damage and theft are common occurrences to homes in South Florida. If you’ve suffered property damage, your insurance company may not offer you enough to cover replacement and repair. If that happens, count on the Mager Parúas team to take on your case and pursue your claim until you get a fair settlement.

  • Business Interruption Claims

    There are many events can cause a major interruption to your business. In South Florida, it's likely to be a storm or even a hurricane.  Your Business Interruption insurance policy is supposed to compensate you for income lost during the period when you cannot perform your business and during the reconstruction period. Business Interruption claims are complex and insurance companies fight paying them. You need the Mager Parúas team on your side to help you pursue a fair settlement.

  • Hotel Damage Insurance Claims

    If you own a hotel property your commercial property insurance policy should cover your expenses in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, accident, vandalism by guests, or even theft. You may be entitled to reimbursement for expenses, damage coverage and  necessary repairs or replacements. Unfortunately, filing a claim correctly and getting paid promptly is a long and difficult process. Insurance companies try to pay as little as possible. If your insurance company has denied or underpaid your claim, you might need the help of the experienced attorneys at Mager Parúas.

  • Commercial Property Insurance Claims

    Your commercial property insurance policy is supposed to protect your company's assets from serious events such as fires, burst pipes, storms, theft and even vandalism. If your insurance company is not offering you a fair settlement or giving you the runaround, call on Mager Parúas to help pursue your claim and a just settlement.

  • Theft Vandalism Claims

    Have you been the victim of theft or vandalism? You may be feeling hurt and confused and not even sure who to seek compensation from. Rely on the team at Mager Parúas to sort out your case and file suits against responsible parties and your insurance company to ensure you get justice.