When you are fighting for the life of your business, we’re in your corner

When you are fighting for the survival of your business, you need Mager Parúas on your side. We have decades of business litigation experience and we will protect your interests and assets. We’ve represented clients throughout their toughest business disputes and we’re not afraid to go to take a case to trial.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to defining our client’s overall needs including company goals, strategies, risk management, litigation avoidance, and regulatory compliance. This innovative approach is proven to be successful when litigation commences. While our principal office is in Florida, we have successfully tried cases to verdict and handled appeals in multiple jurisdictions.

Business Disputes Resolved

We handle every kind of business dispute, from contract enforcement, breach, non-compete clauses, confidentiality/non-confidentiality contracts, moneys owed, fraud, tortious interference, antitrust, intellectual property, construction defect, property damage, unpaid wages, wrongful discharge and other business disputes. We also handle insurance and insurance coverage disputes, property damage claims and other similar contract-related claims

  • Business/Contract Disputes

    Business/Contract Disputes

    Mager Parúas handles every kind of business dispute, from breach of contract, non-compete clauses, confidentiality agreements, moneys owed, fraud, tortious interference, antitrust, intellectual property, construction defect, unpaid wages, wrongful discharge, to other contract-related claims. Mager Parúas is also highly skilled at developing contracts, reviewing existing contracts, considerations for future contracts, and other critical corporate/contract needs.
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  • Bad Faith and Tortious Interference

    A common claim for Bad Faith Breach of Contract can occur when a certain insurance company engages in delays of payments, misrepresentations in the way it processes claims, or otherwise violates specific statutes or codes. A common Tortious Interference claim may involve deliberate interference with an existing contractual or business relationship that results in damages. In some instances, you may seek to have punitive damages may be awarded.

  • Probate Matters

    After someone passes away, the legal process for determining the ownership of their assets is called "Probate". In Probate, the court determines how the deceased person’s estate is administered. Many people mistakenly believe that if their loved one has a will, their belongings will automatically be dispersed based on that. However, this is not always the case. If the decedent made a will, it must be filed in a district court if probate is required. If no will was created, the law of the state where that person lived determines how their property will be distributed. When a probate is disputed, you will need experienced litigators on your side to fight for your rights. Rely on the Mager Parúas team to help you navigate even the most complex probate matters.

  • Construction Defect

    Purchasing a home or commercial property is an important investment. Unfortunately, construction defects can still occur after a property passed multiple inspections. When a purchased property has construction flaws that result in damages, let Mager Parúas secure an appropriate remedy and damage award.

  • Unpaid Wages

    Unpaid wages and/or overtime creates an unfair financial burden for Florida workers. Mager Parúas holds employers accountable and fights for your justice. We represent employees in individual and collective unpaid overtime actions. Mager Parúas also provides defense representation for employers facing wrongful or inflated claims.

  • Unpaid PIP Claims

    Florida’s No-Fault Law relates to Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which covers 80% of reasonable medical expenses caused by a motor vehicle accident up to the first $10,000, regardless of who is at fault. Unfortunately, automobile insurance companies wrongfully deny bills and/or underpays these bills. Mager Parúas represents medical providers and successfully litigates against these insurance companies so medical practitioners receive the compensation they’re owed.

  • PIP Claims

    In Florida, we have "no-fault" automobile accident coverage called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). PIP will cover up to 80% of your medical expenses from motor vehicle accident up to the first $10,000, regardless of who is at fault. In Florida, PIP is required by law for all motor vehicle owners. Unfortunately, PIP insurance companies are denying fair PIP payments to accident victims every day. Count on Mager Parúas to pursue the insurance company to pay these bills according to the PIP policy.