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Mager Parúas has handled over 300 appellate matters including 30+ matters before the Florida Supreme Court, including the internationally covered “Baby T” case. Scott A. Mager has written and lectured extensively in the areas of appellate practice and litigation support.

Mager Parúas also assists the trial lawyer with all aspects of litigation support (from legally accepted ghost memorandums to jury selection) to enable our client to solely keep their case while eliminating the burden of the overwhelming preparation a trial requires.

  • US Supreme Court & Appeals

    Mager Parúas has outstanding appellate results in the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as in federal and state appellate courts throughout the country. With our vast experience and hi success rate, we have been contracted many times to serve as lead counsel or co-counsel on appellate matters. Our lawyers recognize the distinct advocacy necessary to ensure successful appellate rulings. Innovative briefs, in-depth research, and persuasive arguments are necessary for a successful appeal.

  • Taking Lead Roles in Trials and Appeals

    With our vast experience and success, we have been called upon many times to serve as lead counsel or co-counsel in important matters, whether to simply cover an important deposition; lead a trial or help enhance another great attorney’s trial with exceptional input, legal support, motion practice handling, pretrial and trial services; handle or coordinate multi-district trials, class actions, or just an ordinary trial where you want to have more weapons with a tag-team approach to victory

  • Criminal Appeals

    Defendants found guilty in criminal cases have the right to appeal their convictions. If your criminal case ended with a conviction, Mager Parúas can determine if the court's errors resulted from an unfair trial and appeal the court's guilty verdict.

  • Post-Trial Motion Practice

    Mager Parúas is your post-conviction advocate for clients whose rights have been denied through errors and wrongdoing by judges, jurors, prosecutors, and through ineffective assistance of counsel. If you have been wrongly convicted of a crime, we can help you obtain the justice you deserve.

  • Litigation Support

    Mager Parúas vigorously defends their clients throughout all trial and appellate proceedings. We are experienced and aggressive litigators that will be by your side every step of the way.