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Are you a victim of negligent security? A negligent security situation happened property owners do NOT provide proper security on their property. As a result of this negligence, a criminal act can happen such as an assault, car break in, robbery, or other crime can occur. These crimes may be seen as “foreseeable” if other acts have already taken place at the property before.

Property owners are responsible to make their property reasonably safe for visitors and customers. If you or a loved one suffered harm due to negligent security, your team at Mager Parúas can help. We have decades of experience helping victims just like you get a fair and just settlement for their injuries and losses.

Getting hurt in an attack or a robbery is scary and traumatizing. Your first instinct might be to go after the person who attacked you accountable for your damages. However, this could prove fruitless if they took off and disappeared, or if they do not have the means to compensate you.

You might have the option of holding a property owner liable for your damages, especially in cases where criminal activity has occurred on the premises before. There may be various responsible parties you could hold accountable in a negligent security claim, including the property owner, lessees, security companies, and business owners, among others.

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