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Rave Reviews From Hundreds of Fort Lauderdale High School Students

Nationally Renowned Attorney-Turned-Motivational Speaker Draws Rave Reviews From Hundreds of Inspired Fort Lauderdale High School Students “I’m on a mission – changing the mindset of thousands of South Florida students , one dramatic and thought-provoking empowerment presentation at a time.” – Scott Mager, renowned attorney-turned-motivational speaker and author of the new book, “You are the Best.” FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (October xx, 2011)  – Perhaps never before in the history of the oldest high school in Broward County have so many students paid such close attention to an instructor as they did on this day at the 112-year old Fort Lauderdale High School.  A...

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Hotel From Hell

Hotel From Hell Mother raped at hotel in presence of her young child sues hotel  When you go on vacation, you presume that hotel establishments have secured premises and secure rooms. Apparently not at the El Governor Motel in Mexico City, Florida.  Janice Williamson, her fiance’ and her 11-year-old child traveled from Alabama to enjoy a vacation at the beachside El Governor Motel. Unbeknownst to them, the motel had previous criminal incidents which they kept secret from vacationers. They also had master-style keys floating around that opened multiple different rooms. Instead of enjoying their stay, they ended up being subject to a rape...

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Islamic Academy, Mosque, Rapes, School Principal

Islamic Academy And Mosque Continue To Blame 13-Year-Old Student And Other Young Student Victims For Rapes And Other Molestations Inflicted Upon Them By Indicted School Principal   This intensely litigated case involves a suit by three former middle school students against the Nur-Ul-Islam Academy and Mosque for damages resulting from the Head of the School and Teacher’s alleged repeated rapes and other sexual molestations on each of the three students throughout a 4-year rampage.  There were hundreds of inappropriate contacts involved. There are additional former middle school students who claim improper sexual advances were made after this period, but they have not...

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