Scott Mager is the Founding Partner of the Firm. Trademark suspenders can’t hold up all the trials he has won. He is the lawyer that other lawyers hire when it really matters. Scott has a passion for the art of trial advocacy and corporate representation that is almost as animated as his inspirational speaking engagements.

Scott Mager is a nationally renowned Attorney that has received nationwide recognition for handling a variety of legal issues at the State, Federal and Supreme Court levels, including his involvement as counsel on the internationally covered “Baby T” case.

He has handled plaintiff and defense cases, represented all levels of clients, from individuals to multi-billion dollar companies, and was recently honored by a multi-billion dollar insurance conglomerate with the National Litigator of the Year – given to only one person per year. His most recent jury verdict was a $9.4 million dollar verdict, including $1,000,000 in punitive damages.

Further illustrating the respect he has earned in his profession, he is one of the only attorneys asked to teach for two years at the prestigious Annual Florida Trial Judges Conference, and has been awarded the distinguished Eagle Talon Award, given “For Dedication to The Highest Ideals of The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers.” He was also asked by the Florida Bar to serve as a lead Instructor for the Practice with Professionalism – the required course for every new attorney – for many years (training thousands of lawyers and others).

He has over 150 case summaries, articles and lectures to his credit, and has taught and lectured at a number of law schools, Ph.D programs, graduate and undergraduate programs. He has co-hosted/appeared on numerous television/radio broadcasts covering legal, motivation, and ethical issues.

He also wrote The Major Appellate Trial Notebook (a trial notebook that provides a quick reference thorough collection of case explanations and accompanying citations designed for the experienced trial lawyer’s use before, during and after trial); Florida’s Master Appellate Guide(which provides detailed rules analysis and case citations); The Mediation Book (which teaches sophisticated negotiation skills and has been used as the required text for the training of mediators); and Winning Moot Court Competitions (the nation’s only video/DVD providing a witty and motivational training guide for law students to prepare for their mandatory appellate oral argument, for regional and national competitors, and for practicing lawyer for increasing success at oral argument at the Supreme Court and other appellate level). Mr. Mager is also a certified (non-binding) arbitrator.

Perhaps most significant, Mr. Mager is a wonderful human being that has made a difference in the life of so many, including helping the underprivileged, and has given or raised millions of dollars for charities. He also utilized his success as a jazz concert promoter to produce concert events for over a decade, bringing Award Winning Pop/Jazz bands to theaters and donating all proceeds to charity. He also custom designs concert events for companies seeking market awareness advantages or for charitable goals. The NFL even awarded him the NFL Community Quarterback philanthropist award for extraordinary charitable service to the community.

Unique in the industry, with his experience with 100+ law firms throughout the country, Mr. Mager and his expert team also specialize in law firm and business development, which includes infrastructure development, attorney/firm evaluation (e.g., firm growth, revenue enhancement programs, lawyer performance, retention programs, motivational programs, individualized and group training, acquisition/mergers and due diligence, custom-tailored retreats, etc.), as well as overall financial planning/budgeting, cash flow enhancement, unique client generation techniques, lawyer and judge training and much more. Mr. Mager has also designed National/Regional Litigation Plans for large multi-billion dollar corporations which have yielded remarkable results.

In his spare time, he breathes.

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What Clients and Other Attorneys Say About Scott Mager

“I have receieved your Answer Brief. In my humble opinion, it is a most impressive piece of work, well researched and cogently argued. While I disagree with your position, (and hope to persuade the Court accordingly), I cannot help by admite the excellence of your written presentation.” – Jack Sobel, Opposing Counsel
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“I want to express my gratitude for all of your efforts and assistance on my behalf. As a physician who has the privelage and honor of serving as one of the pricipal doctors for some of the finest athletes in the world, and one who cares deeply about the imprtance of providing the best medical care possible, I am accutely aware of real talent. You fit in the category of the finest I know.” – Dr. Massood Jallali, Client
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“Now that the dust has settled on our case, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the stellar work you did on our behalf and share with you a key lesson I learned from this experience. That lesson is, if you are going to trial, you do not want just competent counsel, you want the best!” – Daniel H. Irwin, Client
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“As a former Senior Director of CNA HealthPro Insurance and now President of MSM Insurance Company, I wanted to take the time to thank and commend you for all your phenomenal and innovative work as Lead National Panel Counsel for CNA HealthPro, and for creating and implementing their National Litigation Plan. Your trial successes and other litigation results were equally impressive.” – Eugene Sainz, Client
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