Attorney Scott Mager Receives Rave Reviews From Hundreds of Fort Lauderdale High School Students

Nationally Renowned Attorney-Turned-Motivational Speaker Draws Rave Reviews From Hundreds of Inspired Fort Lauderdale High School Students

“I’m on a mission – changing the mindset of thousands of South Florida students , one dramatic and thought-provoking empowerment presentation at a time.” – Scott Mager, renowned attorney-turned-motivational speaker and author of the new book, “You are the Best.”

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (October xx, 2011)  – Perhaps never before in the history of the oldest high school in Broward County have so many students paid such close attention to an instructor as they did on this day at the 112-year old Fort Lauderdale High School. 

A powerful and quite unique motivational one-hour presentation (was really a show) was given by Scott Mager, a renowned South Florida attorney-turned-motivational speaker. For many of the roughly 600 students ages 14 to 17, it was a life-changing presentation, and one they’ll never forget.

“Mr. Mager changed the way I look at things,” said one 11th-grade boy. “He’s incredible. Every word that he uttered was incredible.”  Student after student echoed these feelings.

You have never seen shows like those from Scott Mager, which are innovatively fun and uniquely interactive.  Indeed, for example, even before Mager began his presentation, large inflated beach balls were bouncing from one student’s desk to another.  Large constructed airplanes were flying around.  Nerf footballs were being passed.  Dance music was playing.  A large, stuffed 5-foot-by-5-foot pink pig stared at the wide-eyed students. There were all kinds of props displayed for every life lesson that Mager would teach the students. And there were many, all captured by the television cameras.  

“This is amazing,” said one girl in the last row.  “So many of us have been waiting a long time for someone to connect with us in this way. We may not admit it to our parents and teachers, but we really need Scott Mager in our lives.

Students embraced Mager’s positive approach, which he presented through the skillful lofting of one-liners. 

“You’re in control of your life,” said Mager, author of a just-published book called You Are the Best. “Go after what you want.    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  There is no power like desire, no killer like doubt.  Have a plan for your present and your future, because if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to end up somewhere else.  The biggest mistake you will make is to continually fear that you will make one.   What you do will define you, so take charge of your life now and recognize you can be whatever you commit to. . .” 


“I have never in my 30 years as a high school educator seen anyone have a special sort of way of teaching young people so many positive points of life,” said an 11th-grade teacher. “Every student, every parent, every teacher, every school administrator and every person everywhere needs to see and hear Mr. Mager speak. It is  outstanding how well he bonds with young adults of all races and ages. You can see he truly cares about empowering young adults.”

Added one teacher with more than 25 years of classroom experience under his belt: “This school has had some great motivators come through its doors, and Mr. Mager may easily be the best.”  

Mager said he has devoted hundreds of hours to developing his empowerment presentations.

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“I’m on a nationwide crusade to bring happiness to kids,” he said. “I’m also giving secrets to parents on how to enhance their connection with kids. There are no classes that ever taught about dealing with our emotions and the situations we often face, or education on how to make the decisions that will most positively affect our lives.  Youth will not be wasted on the young here.  And by what we saw today, these great young people soaked it up like a sponge.”  It’s not surprising, as time and time again, particularly in this more advanced, internet-content-blasted world, I see thousands of students aching to receive this important motivating information.”

Mager’s list of accomplishments is a mile long. He played tennis at the University of Florida and went on to play professionally. He is a National Litigator of the Year Award recipient whose most recent jury verdict was $9.4 million, including $1 million in punitive damages and a $13 million dollar result in another matter.  He has represented entire countries in massive litigation.  

A highly skilled speaker, Mager explains to his young audience how many of us make assumptions that can negatively impact our relationships. He also gives a lesson on perception, in which he displayed several apples, with variations of red, yellow and green. Most people agree that these are the typical colors of the apple, but when he said “white,” everyone looked in bewilderment:  He said “look inside,” to help people appreciate that a more open-minded and wider perspective is needed to really empower change and to develop better relationships throughout life.  

While Mager thrives in the courtrooms, he is now pouring a lot of his energy into classrooms, persuading America’s young people that his formula for success can easily transform them into winners, with a mindset that can be easily learned. 

Among the dozen or so teachers in attendance at this presentation at Fort Lauderdale High, there was a consensus: Mager has all of the ingredients to help propel him to national stardom, and they were excited that he could change the mindset of thousands of South Florida students (and the nation and world as a whole) in such a powerful and lasting way – one dramatic and thought-provoking “empowerment presentation” at a time.


The next empowerment presentations are Oct. 26 at Carol High School and Nov. 22 at Young Men’s Preparatory Academy. Scott Mager’s website is located at For additional information, interview requests, or digital images, please contact Dave Bloom of Bloom PR, on behalf of Scott Mager at or (954) 332-2375.