Mager Parúas Represents Ammunition Company Dedicated to the Needs of the Military and Police

Mager Parúas continues its commitment to our military and police, this time representing a unique Ammunition Company that possesses the patents to bullets which are saving lives.

The most recent representation involves seeking recovery of thousands of pounds of explosives and ammunition wrongfully stolen by an investor group. Lead attorney Scott Mager and former Federal Agent and partner Brian Paruas have been asked to aid the Company in what is about to become a national story about the theft of explosives and ammunition. Perhaps illustrating the growing reality of this misfortune with these explosives being wrongfully used – that will be visited upon the police, our company and other innocents – we know that the individuals now in possession are now illegally attempting to resell the explosives and ammunition in direct derogation to police department’s direction that no such ammunition or explosives be sold or disposed (and in direct contrast to the bomb squad’s comments to us that the explosives and ammunition are secure).

The amount of product stolen is staggering:

  • Over 100,000+ of high tech projectiles including long range rifle projectiles
  • 4,780 pounds of shell casings
  • 209,000 high tech bullets
  • 1,000+ pounds of explosives
  • 600,000 primers
  • 16,000+ pounds of high grade copper or aluminum
  • Also stole highly secret prototype bullets
  • Many pre-assembled mail order packages with postage labels

The horrific and disturbing theft – of thousands of pounds of explosives, hundreds of thousands of rounds of high tech, devastating ammunition, 600,000 primers and other weaponry – from a licensed manufacturing facility (Series 7 Federal Firearms Licensed) owned by David “Marty” Golloher and Oath Corporation (Operators American Tactical Hardware). The trespass, false pretenses and massive theft was completed by a group apparently fronted by their lawyer, which according to the client includes a Turkish National, a Venezuelan purportedly with dual citizenship, and the son of a former President of Opec Oil, among other members.

Equally disturbing, as we understand from owner David (Marty) Golloher, the Venezuelan apparently recently brought in a group of people from Middle East looking to buy millions of bullets to purportedly ship to the Middle East (with whom Mr. Golloher declined to do business with). Now these characters are calling Ammo Distributors around the country falsely representing themselves as OATH.

These characters – who may have already transferred the explosives and weaponry – have threatened to sell or transfer the explosives to unknown persons/entities (purportedly if some extortion payment is not made within five days of the letter dated April 1, 2016 that was splattered all over the warehouse when the theft was discovered in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 3, 2016). Rather arrogantly, they plastered the emboldened extortion letter all over the entire warehouse. They apparently gained access by conspiring with a now-former employee

(Ken Johnson who has been contacting OATH existing customers and attempting to sell AMMO without a Firearms License), who admitted to Golloher to his involvement and whose company phone records were very revealing. Also notably, Mr. Johnson was the person who initially brought this group to the Owner (Golloher) just several months ago. Before the crime, Johnson was at the Company on quizzing other employees as to when the facility closes on Saturdays (or when the facility closes “for the weekend”). One is starting to see how the false pretenses, criminal trespass and massive theft of this incredible amount of troubling material (and now extortion) was done with rather thoughtful preparation.

The law would not allow these individuals to have wrongfully trespass onto private property into the owner’s secure location.  There is no law allowing you to remove property from a confined location that is not legally yours nor subject to any specific legal collateralization and actual assignment agreement.  This is not a car where a company is repossessing a vehicle from the sidewalk or outside the home because they have a valid UCC collateralized agreement and they are not breaching the peace.  The putative defendants are purportedly alleging some right to possess the property based on a note, but no lawsuit has been filed nor has any notice been given to Oath or Mr. Golloher identifying any specific contractual provision or legal right to remove the property – even assuming that they had a license to possess such ammunition and explosives (which they do not).

Perhaps the reason they engaged in this confiscation is because they likely would have lost in a court of law – as no judge would have ordered the freezing of assets from sale.  There are numerous case law citations supporting that you can’t stop people from doing business and you can’t take their property because you are purportedly owed money.  You can’t effectuate self-help from money damages resulting from a promissory note.  You can’t trespass onto people’s property and steal property.  No court in the country permits this type of civil remedy.  While the people here have no such rights to steal or otherwise take property from the Oath Corporation (to which they do not own a thing), even if you could suspend reality and somehow magically claim that you had some quasi-right to the property, you have to file your lawsuit and pay the expensive bond if the court does grant you the one in a million chance relief of freezing assets from sale.

At this juncture, there is no legitimate authority to take the identified property or it would have been left with the letter or referred to specifically in the letter.  Such documentation would have been provided (and flaunted) to the police.  In that regard, to be sure, we have asked police and the state attorney for any documents showing any kinds of rights to take property, and none have been produced.  No one at your department has shown us any legal authority to justify the trespass, theft, and attempted illegal resale of the property. That is because none exist. The police are investigating what they believe is a criminal act of significant proportion.