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Moot Court – Great Secrets to Successful Moot Court Argument

[embed]https://youtu.be/_ZZUMbDSzJo[/embed] Renowned Appellate Attorney Scott Mager provides you with innovative techniques that guarantee success and better performance in any oral argument (Moot Court or other similar competition). He has empowered thousands of law students and lawyer with his energetic and witty approach to oral argument. Techniques include the most successful opening, learning the importance of thematic approaches, weaving in facts and law, answering questions, anticipating arguments, responding to opposing arguments, the art of argument, closing, responsive argument and rebuttal among so much more....

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“Words Can Hurt You”: Scott Mager Wins $9,400,000 for CPA in Defamation Case

In one of the largest defamation verdicts in Miami Dade County history, Lead Counsel Scott Mager represented a well-known CPA The suit arose out of a CPA who was allegedly defamed by a former partner.  The disgruntled former partner of Plaintiff, after purportedly being terminated, wrote a letter to many of the Plaintiff’s clients, alleging (among other things) that he was under the influence of illegal drugs.  Plaintiff claimed that he lost substantial business as a result.  Defendant claimed that he had evidence supporting his allegations, and that in any event, the Plaintiff could not prove any specific damages were linked...

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Mager Paruas wins $3,500,000 for Mentally Disabled Nonverbal Child

Mager Paruas wins $3,500,000 for Mentally Disabled Nonverbal Child in Case Arising From Child Sexual Abuse and Related Exploitation: “We gave a voice to someone who couldn’t speak” Continuing to champion the rights of victims, lead counsel Scott Mager won the case for the mentally challenged (not able to speak) young girl woman who was repeatedly sexually abused by her neighbor for 2 years (threatening the girl to keep her from exposing the wrongdoing). The case arose from events that occurred in 2009, when the child was 12 years old; she disclosed to her parents that a neighbor, James Byrne had been...

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