How Does a Lawsuit Proceed Once You File?

How does a lawsuit proceed after you file? A lawsuit is officially filed with the court, then it has to be delivered to the person you have sued by a process server or other authorized person to serve the lawsuit. Then the person has 20 days to respond, either by filing what is called an answer, where the person admits or denies each of the paragraphs of your complaint or petition, or by filing a motion explaining the defect they claim is in the complaint or petition. If the motion is filed, you need to have a hearing to determine whether they have a valid basis for their claim. After that is resolved, or if you have an answer filed, then each party can engage in what is called discovery. Which sounds like what it is. That each of you can discover the basis of each other’s positions through legal tools such as depositions or written requests for information. The court will eventually send a final hearing or trial for some time in the future, usually at least six months or more after the answer is received. Contact your favorite lawyer to do the best job for you.

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