Don’t be Embarrassed

This is a true story. Again, another client story where he tried to get out of bed, fell on the floor, and his 98-pound wife had to lift his 260-pound body off the floor. This is real. This really happened. But I wouldn’t know that unless they put it in their journal and sent it Learn More “Don’t be Embarrassed”

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me!

When you think about each person’s individual response to an accident, you know, I wonder if people understand that documenting your daily problems or weekly problems is so helpful to a lawyer. You know, it’s so helpful to us. You know, there’s an expression we use that we say that if you want somebody to Learn More “Don’t Tell Me, Show Me!”

We are Here for You!

If your life has changed, even, even though it may look being significant to some people, been significant to you is going to be significant to me, but you have to empower me with that knowledge. You got to give me that information. You got to provide it to me. And sometimes clients are a Learn More “We are Here for You!”

Act Timely!

I think it’s very, very important to do everything timely. Our staff at the office moves at the speed of light to get people where they need to go. We make recommendations, that’s all we do. Listen, we point you in the right direction, we hope you listen, but that’s all we can do. And Learn More “Act Timely!”

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Yeah, you know, some people, I guess, you know, try to characterize more significant injuries, that are like brain injuries and severe types of injuries versus a slip and fall as like a catastrophic type of situation so that you can see that there’s much more long term problems associated than if somebody just say, Learn More “What is a Catastrophic Injury?”