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If your life has changed, even, even though it may look being significant to some people, been significant to you is going to be significant to me, but you have to empower me with that knowledge. You got to give me that information. You got to provide it to me. And sometimes clients are a little bit lazy or they’re really busy or they’re, you know, in so much pain that they can’t do it. I’ll help you. Just call me on the phone. I’ll write it down and keep the journal because. When you provide that information, let’s say at the insurance adjuster level, which is usually where you start before you file a lawsuit, you’re dealing with the insurance adjusters. Again, just like a juror, they don’t know who your client is. So if I’m providing these facts, these details about their life, they’re going to, they’re going to, they’re not going to treat them like a file number. You’re going to treat them like a person. And that’s important to paint that picture in a demand-type letter, to show the insurance carrier and their adjuster or team of adjusters. This is a real person sustained injuries and it was terrible and it sucks. Can I say sucks? It sucks.

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