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Author: scott Foster

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Fishman, Nathan and Israel Provided Incompetent Representation

Successful Marketing and Call Center Company Sues National Law Firm Sessions, Fishman, Nathan and Israel for Providing Incompetent Representation That Resulted in $11,500,000 Judgment and Other Damages The Elephant Group, Inc. a multimillion dollar major call center and marketing company headquartered in Margate, FL has filed suit in Broward against renowned national law firm Sessions, Fishman, Nathan & Israel, LLC.  The suit alleges that the law firm grossly mishandled their representation of Elephant Group in an 8-figure complex litigation, blew deadlines, violated attorney-client confidences and placed the insurance carrier that paid them above the interests of its clients, among other wrongdoing...

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Family Successfully Recovers Against Fraudster

Family Successfully Recovers Against Fraudster   Family Proves Business Plan was Business Scam and  Secured Largest Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Verdict In Florida Ft. Lauderdale, FL - The Hausmann family, led by renowned lawyers at Mager Paruas, LLC, secured the largest verdict in Florida in fraud in a victory at trial in Broward County this past year.  The Hausmann family, through their company, Hausmann Financial Group, LLC, invested more than $570,000 in cash (plus other time and moneys) into a venture to expand/create a check-cashing company.  The plan for the company had been pitched by Defendant Rodrigo Aranda and his company, who was...

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Engineering Money from the Misfortune of Others

Engineering Money from the Misfortune of Others Elderly woman remaining in home riddled with mold and other damages to her home caused by the hurricane forced to sue Forensic engineering experts accused of rendering false expert report that insurance company relied upon in denying full payment of insurance moneys Forensic engineering firms make tens of millions of dollars from performing inspections and issuing “expert engineering reports” for insurance companies in property damage insurance cases, such a natural disaster event like a hurricane.  The engineering firms that have been able to handle tens of thousands of inspections after natural disaster events such as...

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Rave Reviews From Hundreds of Fort Lauderdale High School Students

Nationally Renowned Attorney-Turned-Motivational Speaker Draws Rave Reviews From Hundreds of Inspired Fort Lauderdale High School Students “I’m on a mission – changing the mindset of thousands of South Florida students , one dramatic and thought-provoking empowerment presentation at a time.” – Scott Mager, renowned attorney-turned-motivational speaker and author of the new book, “You are the Best.” FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (October xx, 2011)  – Perhaps never before in the history of the oldest high school in Broward County have so many students paid such close attention to an instructor as they did on this day at the 112-year old Fort Lauderdale High School.  A...

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Hotel From Hell

Hotel From Hell Mother raped at hotel in presence of her young child sues hotel  When you go on vacation, you presume that hotel establishments have secured premises and secure rooms. Apparently not at the El Governor Motel in Mexico City, Florida.  Janice Williamson, her fiance’ and her 11-year-old child traveled from Alabama to enjoy a vacation at the beachside El Governor Motel. Unbeknownst to them, the motel had previous criminal incidents which they kept secret from vacationers. They also had master-style keys floating around that opened multiple different rooms. Instead of enjoying their stay, they ended up being subject to a rape...

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Islamic Academy, Mosque, Rapes, School Principal

Islamic Academy And Mosque Continue To Blame 13-Year-Old Student And Other Young Student Victims For Rapes And Other Molestations Inflicted Upon Them By Indicted School Principal   This intensely litigated case involves a suit by three former middle school students against the Nur-Ul-Islam Academy and Mosque for damages resulting from the Head of the School and Teacher’s alleged repeated rapes and other sexual molestations on each of the three students throughout a 4-year rampage.  There were hundreds of inappropriate contacts involved. There are additional former middle school students who claim improper sexual advances were made after this period, but they have not...

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Renowned Trial Lawyer Scott Mager Teaches Expert Techniques in Complex Litigation at a National Seminar, This Time On Proper Objections at Depositions, Discovery and Trial Discovery

I OBJECT TO THAT OBJECTION: THE SECRET TO UNDERSTANDING OBJECTIONS By Scott Mager While many lawyers are quite talented, far less have a full understanding of all objections or how to best assert or respond to them.  Let’s discuss the best (and worst) objections in 1) discovery; 2) depositions; and 3) trial. “OBJECTIONS” TO DISCOVERY Since discovery is more broad in nature, there are less valid objections available, assuming you have timely made them.  Types of Objections While there are rules-based objections (e.g., exceeds the number of interrogatories, production, admissions requests; subparts being counted in the number allowed, etc.), the principal objections involve those based on privilege...

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National Expert Tells You the Secrets to Recovering the Most Insurance Moneys After a Storm or Other Event

RECOVERING THE MOST MONEY AFTER A STORM OR OTHER PROPERTY DAMAGE EVENT By National Disaster Insurance Expert Scott Mager   With the Governor and President issuing state and federal disaster declarations for Hurricane Irma, the serious nature of the storm event and available resources is ever present.  While many of the following apply to any property damage claim, this article features 8 important steps to take following a hurricane or other similar mass disaster events:  1) Securing All Insurance Policies 2) Notify All Insurance Companies 3) Take Pictures/Videos 4) Notify Insurance Companies of Repairs 5) Hire the Best Experts 6) Notify FEMA If You Don’t Have Insurance  7) Constantly Write 8) Consider...

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CEOs Need to Understand How to Minimize Exposure to Depositions

A Crowning Achievement in Protecting CEOs and Other High Ranking Officials from Unreasonable Depositions: The Impact of the Crown Central Test By Scott A. Mager In an increasingly litigious society, the attempt to first set depositions of high-ranking corporate executives, who are often referred to as “apex officials,” has become commonplace. While these executives rarely have personal knowledge of the facts and issues surrounding a given case, broad-stroked claims against parent companies and lax discovery rules seem to serve as a launching pad to harass executives and extort settlements through threats of - and in many cases the actual taking of -...

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