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About The Storm Help Team

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We Are a Combined Force

Leading our Team is an extraordinary set of founding partners who bring extraordinary talent and commitment to bringing winning solutions for our clients:

Scott Mager

(Scott@MagerParuas.com) leads a team of experts (lawyers, insurance claims experts, coverage gurus, contractors, engineers, is one of the founding contributing members of the Storm Help Team (www.stormhelpteam.org) and leads the insurance negotiation and litigation team at Mager, Paruas, LLC (www.MagerParuas.com) (844-800-LAWS). he is a considered a renowned attorney, natural disaster insurance expert and author.  He has lived through numerous devastating hurricanes and other storm events, and also spent thousands of hours in Florida, as well as New York and other locations, arming citizens with winning strategies to secure more money.  He has been featured on major television networks, national radio around the country and internationally, including on the recent Florida Storm (Irma), Texas Storm (Harvey), Florida/Georgia/Southeast Storm (Matthew) and Northeast SuperStorm (Sandy), Hurricane Katrina, Irma and others.  He has the unique experience at the highest level of seeing both sides of insurance disputes, having served as the Chief Attorney for one of the largest insurance companies in the world – where he also received their National Litigator of the Year Award – and having represented or helped thousands of residents and companies secure tens of millions of dollars of insurance money, and even advised governments and government agencies.  He has participated/testified at national and local panels around the country relating to dozens of storms in Florida, New York, Louisiana and elsewhere.  He has completed over 150 articles, case summaries and lectures on various topics.  He has also given hundreds of hours of philanthropic work, and won such awards as the NFL Community Quarterback Award for Extraordinary Philanthropic Service, among many other honors.

Meet Scott

Alexander Rodriguez

Certified Building Contractor and Electrical Contractor is the founder of and leads the team at nationally renowned company By His Grace Construction Services, Inc  (www.byhisgracecontruction.com) – developed and built from the experiences of two Florida state licensed companies, Riverside Electric Co. and Riverside Construction Services. The company has completed hundreds of millions of dollars of building and development projects.  Riverside Electric is a 4th generation family owned business which was founded in 1922 as an electrical contracting company based in Miami, FL. Riverside Construction, a state certified general contractor company. Utilizing the experience gained as superintendent and project manager for Riverside Electric and Riverside Construction, Alexander Rodriguez, Joe Granados and Charles Memmott have served as builders, developers, advisors, experts, among many other accolades.

Rick O’Shea

is the CEO of internationally acclaimed Byoplanet International, LLC (www.byoplanet.com). He leads a national team, partnered with Clorox, that has a mastery in the industry of disinfection technology, sanitation, water treatment/removal, construction and other areas. Their team is comprised of engineers, biologists, medical professionals, physicists, and other thought leaders. ByoPlanet International is also the industry leader in advanced induction charge spray delivery systems, revolutionizing the way stake holders and environmental services personnel view and treat public health. Utilizing physics, they also provide solutions that provide total and uniform surface coverage without cross-contamination. Featuring the Clorox 360 system, the companies provide the most unique solutions for business, governments, large organizations, condominiums and others.

Charley Fox

is the founder/owner of AMX Fox Roofing (since 1989) (954-426-1606). His massive team has repaired/replaced tens of thousands of roof structures. He has also been qualified as an expert roofer to the industry. He has a remarkable knowledge of the roofing industry, including the ability to assess the quality of construction, extent of damage causally related to the storm event, structural integrity of materials, necessary repairs to differing structures, among other things. He has also served as a certified forensic roofing expert in a wide range of disciplines.

Steve Browner and Ivan Browner

(who are themselves twins) run Twin Windows Expertise (954-592-1986). They operate a professional glazing inspection company with a specialty focus in structural glazing and envelope of protection damage assessment. Their glazing damage assessment protocol has been approved and included in State and Federal Trial as well as being a successful tool to document damage to glazed systems in hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial claims. They have extensive experience in litigation matters, as expert testimony, having supported their investigatory findings in federal trials, arbitrations, mediations and appraisals. They also serve as professional window and window opening experts, having evaluated tens of thousands of structures.