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Elizabeth O. Hueber, Esq.

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Elizabeth O. Hueber, Esq.

Elizabeth Hueber is a Senior Litigator who leads the Labor and Employment Law Division of the firm.

Elizabeth focuses on federal wage & hour and discrimination litigation, commercial litigation, corporate representation, and defending civil rights for LGBT Americans.


To Elizabeth, the practice of law is an art and a science; but, she has taken to heart what is most important is her clients are happy with her representation. Elizabeth uses unconventional thinking to secure for her clients what they need whether that is a “win” or a perfect resolution.






Unconventional thinking. Elizabeth began her practice in the island paradise of Guam where she developed her unconventional and effective trial tactics and thinking. Some of her accomplishments include:


  • Facilitating the return of 133 hectares of ocean-front ancestral land from the United States Government in contested litigation, through research of Spanish deeds which had been hidden since the first Battle of Guam (1941) and subsequent Japanese occupation;
  • Assisting with recovery of damage to pristine coral reefs in Micronesia through the seizure of international vessels under United States’ admiralty procedure; and
  • Performing as legislative liaison and lobbyist to secure changes to Guam Senate Bills and 226-31 and 227-31 on behalf of a corporate client, who was aggrieved by the proposed commercial legislation.


Federal wage & hour and discrimination litigation. Elizabeth recognizes that few Americans truly understand federal law when it pertains to employment. Many Americans believe the myth that employees that make a salary are never entitled to overtime. This and many other myths can lead to major risk and exposure for businesses. She has defended employees’ rights in over one hundred overtime lawsuits and has confidently taken her clients through the entire litigation process. She also advises employers on methods and procedures to avoid risk.


Commercial litigation. She strives to make her clients as comfortable as she is in the courtroom. She has defended her clients in matters ranging from breach of contract to battles over corporate control. Elizabeth considers herself to be a legal writing and research enthusiast and she has a particular affinity with the academics of law and writing appellate briefs.


Corporate representation. As a former business consultant and M.B.A., she feels as at home representing businesses in the boardroom as the courtroom. She has prepared and facilitated mergers, due diligence for acquisitions, “hostile” takeovers, as well various other corporate transactions. Elizabeth has prepared opinion letters for both Home Depot and Apple (whom she helped expand iTunes outside the continental United States) as well as many other businesses.


Defending LGBT Rights. In addition to her regular practice areas, Elizabeth is an ardent advocate for the disenfranchised, including gay, lesbian, and transgender Americans. Major strides have been made in the laws protecting these Americans – but most employers are not yet aware of the repercussions of their actions as it relates to their obligations under employment law as it pertains to LGBT Americans. Elizabeth understands LGBT Americans’ needs; in addition to her normal practice areas, she enjoys helping LGBT Americans through the unique legal hurdles that they experience.


When Elizabeth finds time away from the office, she enjoys travel, fencing, adventure, and film. She loves helping the “underdog” and holds a deep admiration for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.