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Counsel for Out-of-State Firms

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Counsel for Out-of-State Firms

  • Taking Lead Roles in Trials or Appeals
  • Service as Local Counsel for Out-of-State Cases

Taking Lead Roles in Trials or Appeals

With our vast experience and success, we have been called upon many times to serve as lead counsel or co-counsel in important matters, whether to simply cover an important deposition; lead a trial or help enhance another great attorney’s trial with exceptional input, legal support, motion practice handling, pretrial and trial services; handle or coordinate multi-district trials, class actions, or just an ordinary trial where you want to have more weapons with a tag-team approach to victory.  Click here for how attorneys who hired us felt about our services.

Local Counsel for Out-of-State Cases

We commonly serve as local counsel for an array of plaintiffs and defendants, from individuals to major corporations. We have extensive experience at the trial and appellate levels. We are conveniently located near the State and Federal courthouses, and are quite familiar with the local practice rules governing them. We can also assist with pro hac vice and other permission-to-practice filings, as well as take as much leadership are your client desires in helping to succeed at any level.

With over 300 appellate matters/filings to our credit, we stand equally ready to assist in any of your appellate matters. We also assist state trial lawyers who may not have permission or desire to practice in the federal courts with leadership or support roles in federal litigation matters.