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The actions people take define who they really are. We believe our actions prove our dedication to our clients, to public service and simply doing the right thing at all costs. But we leave to others to judge our actions…

Based in South Florida, we employ a unique very experienced team approach to handling significant trial and appellate cases in state and federal courts. We also have specialized (plaintiff/defense) services for out-of-state law firms that are in need of local counsel for state or federal cases. From representing the entire country of Equador, to publicly traded multi-national organizations, to private corporations and high wealth individuals, our lead attorney also secured such honors as National Litigator of the Year from a multi-billion dollar conglomerate and other distinctions, along with having over 150 case summaries/articles and legal presentations to our credit.

We also have an exceptional commitment to bettering our world – locally, nationally and internationally – devoting significant resources to an array of charitable endeavors; drafting and personal lobbying for important legislative changes (e.g., successfully repealing the statute of limitations for predator abuse/behavior, reducing frivolous lawsuits, among many others); developing motivational videos, audios and publications to empower Adults and Young Adults, among many other totally devoted efforts. We care at the greatest level, and you can see it in the evidence of our specific efforts and successes.

We Are a Combined Force

Leading our Team is an extraordinary set of founding partners who bring extraordinary talent and commitment to bringing winning solutions for our clients:

Scott Mager

Trademark suspenders can’t hold up all the trials he has won. He is the lawyer that other lawyers hire when it really matters. Scott has a passion for the art of trial advocacy and corporate representation that is almost as animated as his inspirational speaking engagements. Ask about his time as a professional tennis player after your free initial consultation!

Meet Scott

Brian Parúas

Invokes his history as a homeland security officer to advocate for those injured in accidents and crime victims. Luckily for us all, Brian uses his silver tongue as a humorist, advocate, and negotiator for good and not evil. ¡Incluso habla español!

Meet Brian